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Do you measure a managers ability to develop its team members?

We can basically measure everything in sales.

But do we measure the right things? All organisations use different hard KPIs such as growth, marketshare, sales, retention, satisfaction, churn, profitability, and many more metrics.

- But what KPI do you use for evaluating a manager's success in developing its team members ability to perform?

One of the most important, but short-term priorities for managers is to show success to upper level management.

Furthermore, most KPIs measure success in relation to sales, profitability, growth, etc.

Hence, as managers are measured on those performance KPI, this is what they focus on.

Managers focus on showing short-term success.

The consequence of these performance KPIs is that organizations hire, promote and reward managers which show success in these KPIs.

However, it does not say anything about their ability to develop peoples' skills.

A common problem is that many organization does not measure both dimensions of the leadership.

Most organizations should aim to hire managers which are good at both:

  • Increase performance KPI

  • Ability to develop peoples' skills

Performance Vs. Ability to develop peoples' skills

As soon as an organization starts to measure on the both dimensions, it will drive the behaviors of sales managers to work on both dimensions. One important tool in developing individuals skill-set is ability to coach.

Organizations need to measure sales managers on both dimensions.

More sales managers will start to dedicate time to coach as this is a KPI which they will be evaluated on.

Good luck with measuring both KPI dimensions.

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