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Do you measure your onboading success of sales people?

All sales organizations have onboarding of new employees. Some are more structured whereas others are more ad hoc.

As a new sales person, we always have opinions about the onboarding.

From "it was great" to "it was a really bad onboarding".

However, the question remains - from an HR/sales manager perspective, do you measure the onboarding?

  • What metrics do you use?

  • How many metrics?

  • Which metric is most powerful for you?

If you do not have any metrics to measure your success of onboarding sale people - how could you than improve and track progress?

How to start!

1. Set-up an onboarding process for sales people

2. Decide on what is important for you during the onboarding process

3. Design metrics

4. Measure

5. Follow up and make improvements

Good luck with measuring your onboarding.


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