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Have you heard of BATNA/ FALLBACK when you negotiate?

BATNA/FALLBACK is basically your Plan B if your current negotiation does not yield the outcome you desire.

For example, you negotiate with Supplier A and can not come to an agreement. Your BATNA/FALLBACK is to start negotiation with Supplier B.

So, how could I use BATNA/FALLBACK?

BATNA/FALLBACK is very important in your negotiation as it effects your negotiation power.

First, it is all about perceptions. If you think you have a strong BATNA/FALLBACK, then you will most probably feel power/confidence when entering the negotiation. If you think you have a weak BATNA/FALLBACK, you will probably feel less power.

Always develop your ´BATNA/FALLBACK before you go into the negotiation. The main purpose is to evaluate our entry point; and to build up our power/confidence with the help of our BATNA/FALLBACK.

However, this is not enough. During the negotiation your BATNA/FALLBACK could change.

It could become stronger or weaker depending on your conversation with your counterpart.

Hence, we need to continually evaluate during a negotiation if and when I should use my BATNA/FALLBACK.

Good luck with your negotiations.

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