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Do you measure your training efforts?

Do you buy training programs or develop them internally? If you do, how do you measure your training efforts? How do you know if you you are getting return on your activity?

The global spend on sales training is difficult to estimate. However, within sales many larger organizations spend around 2,500 euro per year / sales person, according surveys.

It it worth investing in sales training?

According to ATD’s report (3), 84% of organizations felt training helped them meet their sales goals.

But more to my point, if you work with training & development, what processes do you use in evaluating and measuring the training efforts.

A common model is Kirkpatrick's four levels of learning evaluation.

This model was developed by Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick (1924 – 2014) in the 1950s. The model can be implemented before, throughout, and following training to show the value of training to the business.

Level 1: Reaction

The degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging, and relevant to their jobs

Level 2: Learning

The degree to which participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence, and commitment based on their participation in the training

Level 3: Behavior

The degree to which participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job

Level 4: Results

The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training and the support and accountability package


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